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One Step Ahead
of the Attacker,

We create virtual minefields inside your infrastructure
to Detect, Deceive and Deter malicious actors.

Reduce Time to Detection and Response

Deception technology breaks the attacker's decision cycle, forcing them to reveal themselves, enabling you to detect an attack in its early stages and respond immediately with actionable intelligence.

Accurately Detect

Reduce noise, false positives and time spent on threat hunting.

Accelerate Incident

Automate incident response with third-party integrations for prevention and mitigation.

Limit Exposure of Critical Systems

Divert attackers by luring them away from critical assets and into deceptive environments.

Acquire Deep Threat Intelligence

Gain deep, real-time insights on malicious activity to learn and better prepare for future threats.

Centralized Management Console

Simplistic user interface for frictionless management and monitoring.

Open Integration with Simple API

Developer Friendly API for easy integration with third-party services and DevSecOps workflows.

Easy to Deploy & Manage

Plug and Play, self-managing system, built with resource efficiency and fault tolerance in mind.

Attack Visualization 

Threat visibility on all layers, including views from the attackers perspective.

Connecting Dots

Attacks Change,
The Mentality doesn’t.

Attack patterns evolve continuously over time, but the mentality and endgame of the attacker is always the same: observe, find vulnerabilities and exploit them. Deception kicks in as soon as the observation phase begins. Attackers will inevitably come into contact with decoys when they begin observing a system, and that’s the soonest we can catch them in the act.

Before the advent of deception, attackers had to get it right just one time, while security operators had to try to get it right all the time. In a system protected by ProfilerX, those tables are turned.

Traditional Solutions ALONE are not Enough! 


Average number of days to identify a data breach


Average number of days to contain a data breach


of breaches caused by Vulnerabilities in third-party software


of breaches caused by compromised credentials


of breaches initially caused by a malicious insider

Ready to Flip the Table?

New to deception technology? We're here to help! Request a demo to learn more.

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