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Our Vision

Our primary objective is to reduce the operational cost, complexity and cognitive overhead involved in implementing an effective security strategy, and enable security-sensitive organizations to move at increased velocity and efficiency.

Our Mission

Kick butt

We believe in our products. Operating in a competitive industry gives us the ability to do hard work to deliver better alternatives.

Have fun

We believe that work should be fun. A laugh here and a joke there will bring humanity to a better place.

Don't cheat

We believe in playing by the rules. If we don't like the rules, we don't cheat the system and instead work openly to improve it.

Love our customers

We believe in the success of our customers and work hard to deliver value with tools they love.

Rethink Security

New attack methods necessitate novel security practices. We strive to share better techniques with a wider audience.


We prefer challenge over comfort, what is right over what is convenient, and we choose to incorporate our principles and values into our work.


We seek to be transparent, honest and always tell the truth, be it harsh or inconvenient.


We treat others with respect, be they colleague, customer, community or competitor.

Our Principles

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