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Sophisticated Threat Detection

Detect, isolate and respond to advanced threats, all within a single decision cycle.


Deception Technology Fills the Gaps That Traditional Security Leaves Behind

 Attackers continue to explore increasingly sophisticated techniques to bypass and breach the most robust systems in the world.

The Necessity of Deception is Now!

High Fidelity

Receive accurate alerts only, reducing noise, false positives and time spent on threat hunting.

Accelerated Incident Response

Automate incident response with third-party integrations for prevention and mitigation.

Deep Threat

Gain deep & real-time insights on malicious activity to learn more and better prepare for the future.

Attack Visualization & Analysis

Threat visibility on all layers, including views from the attackers perspective.

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Easy to Deploy, Manage & Monitor

Plug and Play, self-managing system, built with resource efficiency and fault tolerance in mind.

Open Integration with Simple API

Developer Friendly API for easy integration with third-party services and DevSecOps workflows.

ProfilerX in Action 

illuria's deception technology uses decoys and lures to break the attackers decision cycle, forcing them to reveal themselves in three steps...
Detect, Deceive and Deter.

1 - Install ProfilerX command and control within minutes.


4 - Attacker penetrates and moves laterally in the network during reconnaissance.

2 - Deploy agents in different segments of the network for full coverage.


5 - Alerts are triggered in real time as the attacker interacts with decoys.

3 - Turn your infrastructure into a virtual minefield by deploying decoys and lures.


6 - Actionable intelligence enables remediation, 

mitigation and incident response.

Ready to Flip the Table?

New to deception technology? We're here to help! Request a demo to learn more.

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